Frequently Asked Questions

How much does BoltAPI's service cost?

First of all, we want to clarify that BoltAPI was not created to make money.
With your subscription we just want to cover the running costs for the servers and services.

You only pay for what you actually use. BoltAPI's payment system is based on your needs and calculated according to the requests for your monitoring.

The price for one request is $0.00003.

Additionally we charge a service fee of $1.00 / month in order to cover our fees.

Is there a free tier?

Yes, there is a free tier with the following restrictions:

  • Maximum 1 region
  • Minimum request frequency of 30 minutes
  • Maximum of 10 monitorings

These restrictions may change in the future depending on how many users use the free tier.

How to decrease price?

There are two ways for decreasing costs:

  • You can disable locations in monitor settings tab. By default we constantly check from all of the 5 regions we offer our monitoring service for.
  • You can change the frequency we should check your monitor. By default we check your monitors every minute.

Do you offer refunds?

Since we do not require any upfront payment, have a free plan to test our service, and you can cancel at any time, we have decided not to offer refunds.

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